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I found info about the spanish blood test:

Its called the bio-hematology test and its at the madrid institute of diagnostics assistance orientation and thereaputics (INSAOYDT)

I hear what you are saying about homeopathics but you need to understand that homeopathics are the oldest medicine in the world behind herbal and acupuncture medicine. Homeopathics were around before western medicine and were used widely. Once western medicine was developed by the carnegie’s and uber-rich (henry ford, etc), they demonized it as a science and it has since never been as popular.

I have heard of the sanum brand you mentioned. My wife is taking their pleo alkala product which normalizes your pH. I am taking their pleo citro product which kills cell wall deficient microbes and helps normalize your pH. These microbes are caused by antibiotic use in animals and cows contain a lot of microbes compared to other animals. The citric acid destroys them. My naturopath uses the whole SANUM product line to treat whatever you are infected with be it candida, virus’s, microbes, etc. He also uses some SANUM products to treat cancer too actually. He has all of these ridiculous success stories such as eliminating people’s brain tumors (one person had 4 tumors and was about to die in stage 4 cancer and he saved them and dissolved the tumors).

My wife is taking some HEEL homeopathics for her cyst problems and I don’t know specifically the names though. She is also taking some UNDA/seroyal homeopathics which is considered to be the industry standard. I use a bunch of unda homeopathics and they help greatly.

For instance, I take some to help me go to sleep. They work better than my sleeping medication! I’ve got restless leg syndrome and the zincum one I take completely prevents it. I notice when I forget to take it because when I wake up my legs feel tired like I walked 10 miles! I also have angina (heart issues) and the cactus homeopathics I take completely eliminate it. When I take the liver homeopathics, my body usually instantly smells from the toxins being released.

When I started with them, I was sceptical and didn’t think they worked very well. However now I really notice it.