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Hello Delicaterose,

I recommend consulting a naturopathic doctor who can treat these various problems and potentially will know what is causing them. The only thing I can suggest is consulting my naturopath who has 30 years experience. He’ll want to do the spanish blood test which is expensive and you likely would benefit from it more than the average person.

I see your posts every month or so and you are always freaking out in them and this is not healthy to your mindset, which in effect can affect your body/health. For now, in my opinion, I think you should take it easy on your health crusade and not let it affect you so much.

Have you checked out your thyroid?

I don’t think you should do anything drastic and do any fasts, etc. These can be harmful just as an FYI. The won’t do much in terms reducing yeast numbers or healing the body, etc.

I also don’t think you should blame all of these problems on yeast by itself. Its likely a variety of different factors.

SF722 is something I recommend trying. I also recommend trying out acupuncture.

I also don’t think you should be concerned about odors, atleast the level you are at. Most people won’t be able to smell anything and you can easily hide it by wearing natural perfume, etc. You could have a sensitive nose lol.