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Hello Delicaterose,

Well you have the symptoms but you need to keep in mind that a lot of your symptoms could be related to just about anything else. You could have parasites, h.pylori, strept, SIBO, microbial overgrowth, a virus (epstein-barr aka mono for instance), etc. The symptoms between mono and candida and sprept are pretty similar. The symptoms between fatigue and thyroid issues are similar. The symptoms between leaky gut and inflammation of the gut are similar. Just because you have symptoms doesn’t mean you have a diagnosis.

You haven’t explained what your candida diet is like either, but likely have in the past. If you are ill with candida, the diet is very important. If you aren’t, then its less important.

I recommend doing some of the candida tests I have linked to that will help you get a positive diagnosis. You could also do stool testing to see what has overgrown in the gut. The spanish blood test I mentioned earlier looks at everything, it tests for viruses, microbes, yeast, and more stuff I don’t know about.

The liver issues are likely going to need a special treatment by a naturopath involving homeopathics. If the fat is blocking it up, then you won’t detox properly. If anything, I would recommend a liver cleanse (I have one posted).

The thyroid issues won’t always come up in tests. They do not test for iodine levels and are not accurate…you could have a thyroid problem that doesn’t show up in a test. If your thyroid isn’t running well, then your immune system won’t be good in general.

As you can see a lot of these issues can be inter-related and this is why I recommend professional help. I would find a naturopath who has 20-30 years experience treating candida, gut flora problems, etc. and has a ton of success stories.

Heavy metals could be a problem, as it is for just about anyone. To chelate lead, you will need a special protocol to do so.