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I’ve lived in the Netherlands all my life, and I’m really glad we have such extremely good doctors. Well educated, honest, and open.

For example, our doctors together took action about the once prevalent standard use of antibiotics against almost everything. Heck, antibiotics were even prescribed against the flu, which is a virus infection so antibiotics do not work at all!

Despite patients uproar, resulting in some cases of severely beaten up doctors because the patient demanded to have antibiotics (or whatever other medication), doctors persisted in educating the masses, in being reluctant with antibiotics, psychofarmaca and other medication.

Now we are by far the lowest consumers of antibiotics. We also have an extremely low number of teenage pregnancies.

I’m really glad my doctor has good knowledge, listens to me, and decides upon the best approach in consultation with me. I’m not just a passive patient awaiting His Majesty’s Good Decision – instead, we decide together on whether I need treatment, and if so: which treatment.