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Betaine HCL & Pepsin

I don’t know why you paid money for the Undecyn supplement. First it contains Betaine HCI which you’ve purchased separately. It also contains calcium without magnesium so it’s probably going to constipate you unless you have magnesium as a separate supplement as well. Then it has bentonite clay which can also constipate you unless you’re taking a strong anti-constipation source such as a fiber supplement; and it contains grapefruit seed extract which apparently you’re planning to use as one of your antifungals even though it’s in solid form when the liquid form is much more beneficial.

The above paragraph is an explanation of exactly why we have a protocol on the forum and why we practically beg members to use it; after all, it’s free – and proven. Otherwise, it’s just guess work on your part.

Betaine should be taken just before a meal.

Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate should be taken throughout the day, up to 750 mcg total; how often depends on the dose amount you have.

Could you for example take L-glutamine at the same time as SF722?

I’ve never taken either one, but according to the info available, it’s preferable to take SF722 on an empty stomach.
L-glutamine is probably best taken when you get up in the morning.

To begin with I’m going to take one of the supplements and see how it works out. Which one do you think?

Definitely Molybdenum.