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I haven’t looked up that colostrum that you are taking yet, but I remember I was having def. reactions with lactoferrin and regular colostrum. I returned those products. I have taken off and on mt. capra colostrum (goat milk) that cheesy talked about the other day. Actually, yesterday, I was having leaky gut reactions, and I think it def. helped me! It calms my gut down more. Sometimes, with l-glutamine, on a bad day, I have to take l-glutamine throughout the day, as much as 30g or even more; probably due to the fact of no colon.

I do not like taking that much l-glutamine, so the I am beginning to believe in the colostrum. I would suggest trying the mt. capra colostrum derived from goat milk, so it can be easier on your system. A lot of people have trouble with cow’s milk.

Final note: They say colostrum is known for giving you energy and keeping you awake, so for that note, they recommended to not take it at night for those people.

Here is the product: