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My gut flora has been destroyed due to antibiotic usage. This is the best I felt in one year since I first got bloating and reflux. My transmit time is slow that’s for sure. So my stool gets stuck in my intestines and causes me pain. I looked at the charts. No inflamation anymore which I had in sept last year, no acid reflux, and my colon was clean. The candida diet and antifungals did their job but I’m stopping the nystatin. I’m gonna just keep taking sf722 and the garlic to help with sibo. He cleans out my gunk. I just had gluten free pancakes and eggs. It was great. Haven’t had pancakes for 7 or 8 months. I haven’t felt like this in forever. It feels weird. He did a few biopsies on my smaller intestines just to make sure nothing is too.
My buddy from the marines just found out he had parasites yesterday from doing a colonoscopy. Small world