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I have been taking regular colonics and prescription drugs for Candida for about a year now. This year alone I’ve spent a lot of money on those colonics. In a way they help temporarily (I feel better, lighter, and my skin clears up), but they have not helped me to heal completely. I finished my last antifungal drug a few weeks ago and I have another colonic scheduled for next week. I am now going about this Candida treatment on my own following the protocol found on this forum.

Colonics can’t cure a Candida infestation. Mind you, there are people who will defend colonics to the end, but I’m not one of those, so stick around, and you’ll see support for this unnatural treatment to the body.

But I have this feeling, you could call it a gut-feeling, that I should just cancel my colonic next week.

Listening to that inner voice on all subjects is how I cured my own infestation. “You” know best if you’ll pay attention. Go with that ‘gut feeling’ and it’ll usually lead you on the right path.

Because during the prescription medication and the colonic treatments this year my own bowel movements just stopped. I had to rely on the colonics to get stuff out. And that’s just frustrating. It’s taken me two weeks now to finally get regular by taking magnesium supplements and adding flaxseed to my meals.

Your body became dependent on the colonics making it necessary to continue them in order for your body to function properly.

Any perspectives on colonics?

There are many perspectives, and no doubt you’re about to receive more. You have mine.

Are they necessary in order to beat Candida?

Absolutely not, or else I’d still have a heavy load of Candida in my body, which I don’t. I never used one colonic or enema during my treatment.

(at the clinic they explained that when the yeast dies the living yeast can feed on the dead ones in the gut. that is why you need to cleanse the gut because the natural pace of evacuation apparently takes too long).But I know that some people advise against it as you also lose the good bacterias?

Plus you pay the clinic, naturally they want you to continue with the colonics.