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Colonics aren’t necessary in my opinion. Irrigating the colon with water alone only remove some waste. What is really effective, and I have explained the reasons is Nystatin enemas. High enemas using gravity with Nystatin powder and distilled water are able to kill fungal colonies which are living in the transverse colon.

Taking antifungals orally have a weak impact in the lower intestinal areas, specially the colon. We have natural antimicrobial fluids that keep the small bowel almost sterile. The small bowel isn’t the favorite place for candida, less the upper part. Protease, HCL, bile, sodium bicarbonate release by our glands keep the small bowel very hostile to microbial overgrowth. Only a few adaptive bacterial species survive there.
Instead, the colon is the perfect environment for candida. It is a dark and very humid putrefactive place where fermentation and decomposition take place.

When we take antifungals orally, they go to the bloodstream with the exception of the non-absorbed polyenes such as Nystatin, Natamycin, and oral Amp B.

The problem is that these Rx are taken in lower amounts to impact all the intestine. It is impossible to take 500 000 units of Nystatin powder to reach the colon with high efficacy. It will mix with food, dead flora, fecal matter, etc.

If we do Nystatin retention enemas correctly, the poison will have contact with the fungal colonies living in the colon ( the biggest amount ) Nystatin don’t affect the bacterial ecology since it is only antifungal. It isn’t toxic because don’t cross the intestinal epithelium. So, you have an effective antifungal in the right place. Enemas using around 16 ounces of water won’t remove enough flora either since the amount of water is low.
The objective isn’t to clean but to have a vehicle to reach the colon with an antifungal medication with lower or not toxicity unable to kill bacterias.

I hope this help. I have told this many times but people don’t want to listen. It is in the books. The Yeast Syndrome speaks about the very high effective Nystatin enemas. The explanation and logic make total sense. Colonic are for cleaning and this is part of an intestinal anticandida treatment. Two different things. I don’t know who is inventing that colonics using only water kill candida or eliminate it.
It is all to you. I hope this help someone.