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There is a list of dangers and supposed dangers which stem from colloidial silver usage. Plus there are at least four to five different types of the silver, some of which contain uncertain qualities.

The dangers are usually caused by the type of water used to make the C. silver. Only the purest, high quality distilled water should be used. The problem is of course, since there are so many companies making the silver now, how do you know if the brand you pick is manufactured by a reputable company which used the correct type of water?

Hot water speeds up the process of manufacturing the C. silver, but it also makes the particles in the silver larger and thus more dangerous to the body. How many manufacturers would be tempted to do this in order to speed up production and cut down on cost?

When correctly manufactured, the silver should not be sensitive to light and can be stored in a simple clear glass container without harm. Yet, I’ve never looked at a bottle of colloidial silver that wasn’t shipped in a dark colored glass bottle through which you can’t even see the silver.

CNN aired a segment showing a blue-skinned person who was suffering from Argyria which is a condition under the skin caused by the build-up of silver compounds.

In my opinion, there are too many safe products to use for the treatment which are more effective than colloidial silver, so there’s no point in taking chance with the possible dangers of the product.