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This sounds like a tough situation. I would consider oatmeal or oat bran for breakfast, scrambled eggs, yogurt, etc. I once worked at the dorm cafeteria, so I am familiar with all of the junk they put in the foods.

Lunch, I would eat salads with chicken.

Dinner, I would eat meat and rice.

In general, I would get as pure as you can on a half-ass candida diet; maybe consider potatoes and fruit (things you body can digest more easily)

I would also talk to them about getting a refund if possible; explain that their food is unhealthy and everything there contains wheat, dairy, starch, sugar, and grain. Ask to speak to the school administrator if possible, because this is not working out for you. But, can you cook on your own? If not, you may just have to tough it out for now.

If possible, have someone make coconut bread and pumpkin bread for snacks.

You might just be unable to do the (full) candida diet until the term is over.

I know what you are facing and there is no easy way out of the dorm diet. Everything is junk and there are few healthy options; this is the essence of the american lifestyle/diet. The options are few at the cafeteria and the dorm food store place, this isn’t a good situation for a candida sufferer.