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“I think I will add oat bran to my breakfasts I need a little more.”

Reply: This is the type of oat bran we’re speaking of.
Sometimes Amazon has this at a cheaper price.

“Then I usually have salad for lunch a big salad with lettuce, spinach, sunflower seeds, cucumbers, olives, carrots and tomatoes? I also have a lemon, olive oil and pepper dressing that I make myself. Can I have carrots and tomatoes?”

Reply: Carrots should be left out during the entire treatment. After a month or so, you could test tomatoes, meaning eat only a small amount for the first few times. .

“Dinner has been the same thing as lunch usually or I had rice chicken and green beans when they had that and it didn’t upset my stomach.”

Reply: If you mean “rice and chicken” you should leave the rice out of your diet completely.

“For snacks I have been eating celery and peanut butter, rye crackers and avocado, and popcorn with light butter that I make in my own popcorn popper not he microwavable kind with tons of butter.”

Reply: You’ll be more successful with your treatment if you leave out peanut butter, rye products, popcorn and butter. Butter is a dairy product, none of which should be eaten on the diet.