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Hello collegestudent and candida forum users,

I apologize for my poor advice; the foods I suggested should never be eaten while on the strict candida diet. I only suggested a half-ass plan where recovery is never possible. I have never done this before (given absolutely horrenduous advice), and once again it will not lead to success.

Lets recap; eat as many veggies(minus potatoes and carrots) and salads as possible. Eat some (greek) yogurt if it is covered under the dorm food plan; check the label to make sure that it doesn’t have much sugar. Anything with more than 11g of sugar per serving is too much. Eat tons of eggs and get some kind of hot pot boiling machine to have hard boiled eggs.

Don’t eat any fruits because these contain sugars.

Eat as much meat as possible, avoid all red meat.

Dorm food typically has sugar in every single thing they make; they use tons of poor ingredients to come up with almost tasty foods. They employ tons of grains, fruits, dairy, red meat, and pastas. They use sysco food products and nothing is ever organic. Its tough if you are strickly vegetarian. I feel your pain collegestudent and I hope you succeed!