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weehen;31292 wrote: My cold hands and feet (and my fingernails and the tip of my nose would go blue/purple!) were resolved when I cut wheat/gluten out of my diet.
I don’t know how/why that would be, but gluten seems to have some negative effect on my circulation, which I believe is why my extremities would be icy cold.

I had a thermogram done for screening of my breasts (I don’t do mamograms) and the thermographer commented on how icy cold my feet and hands were. Certain fingers were really cold! My follow up 4 months later (after cutting out wheat) showed fairly solid improvements, and I don’t find I need to drink hot tea constantly to stay warm, or wear 2 layers more than everyone else.

Ahh how wonderful, did you have a Candida overwrought too? well I have been doing gluten free too but only for two months 🙂 maybe I need to wait longer also San Francisco is cold this time of the year but honestly I shake some peoples’s hands and they are warm even outdoors lol I am jealous but very glad you are improving! be well friend…