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kodaz2005;31226 wrote:

My hands and feet get really cold and it’s so unconfortable, makes me feel anxious, anyone has the problem? does it mean I may lack some vitamins or minerals? thanks friends 🙂

Hi Toni, I think this is pretty common for many of us. I have seen it listed on nearly every formal Candida symptom list I can recall. I know calls hands are linked to hypothyroidism, which I was diagnosed as having. Of course I have also seen hypothyroidism listed on Candida symptom lists as well.

I can tell you one trick that works great for me. Keep a blow dryer plugged in next to your bed. When you are ready for bed and you find your feet are freezing pull it out and warm your feet up. It makes your whole body feel warmer and much easier to fall asleep.

Ah cool thank you for the tip will try that tonite, i guess i should wear gloves too lol but makes it hard to do anything at home 🙂