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maposch33;50679 wrote: I have a hard time tolerating the cold with cold hands and feet, especially if temp is below 50. Even in my house at night. I do have dry skin so I don’t know if lack of moisture creates the symptoms or maybe Candida related.

Can there be any connection with these symptoms?

Hi! If you want to find out the easy way if it’s your thyroid: Get a glass thermometer (the old fashioned type) keep it by your bed along with a pen and paper.
Upon waking: DO NOT sit up, place thermometer under your armpit for 4 minutes. Write down your temp for 10 days in a row and take it to a doctor if it’s below 98 many of the days.
It took me 4 years to find a doc specialzing in thyroid/endocrine and he had me do this along with a TSH T4 T3, labs.

Mine ran and still does always 97.6 and under. I use Armor thyroid due to it being the only thyroid med that covers all the “Ts”

Just a hint: If you plan to make an appointment because it does sound like hypothyroid, call around to see what doctors prescribe and understand the armor. Most do not. You’ll save yourself alot of trial and error.