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man i can certainly relate right now .i havent had a cold in over a year though and i work with sick people as a nurse aid and i got hit with a wicked bad cold ,sore throat ,chills ,and right sided jaw pain im not sure why im having the jaw pain though may or may not be cold related .

its weird to cuz my baby and and nephew just got over colds and then a wk later i get this wicked one !it could b the weather its been that way here in CT as well cold and warm .I dont know but this is sum bs 4 sure .i have been taking 7000 mg vitamin c even b4 i got sick so u can up that and it will help u fight it .also ive been taking a whole lemon or 2 and boiling it with peppermint tea also sumthing i do anyway .
i wish i knew of more natural remedies cuz i just took dayquill out of desperation 2 feel better and thats pretty bad for candida since im pretty sure its nsaid it has acetaminophen in it .im absolutely miserable with bladder pain from the dayquill and need relief asap as im starting a new job soon !i wish i had more ideas but i feel your pain .hope we get better fast !