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When you take an enema containing coffee (or any other liquid) it is absorbed into the blood stream. This has the same effect as it would if it were rubbed on the skin or taken by mouth.

When you take coffee or another caffeine product into your body in any way, the caffeine will work towards weakening the adrenals which leads to increased inflammation in the body due to low levels of anti-inflammatory corticosteroids. As far as Candida is concerned, it becomes more difficult for the healing process to be successful when the adrenals are weak.

In addition, the tannins in coffee can bind together nutrients which are desperately needed for healing. In addition to this, the oxalates in coffee irritate the body tissues. But the most important of these is the weakening of the adrenals and therefore the immune system which in most cases is already suffering due to the Candida infestation.

Flora (colonies of beneficial bacteria):
Keep in mind that the tannins in the coffee have the ability to kill the flora, which will actually increase the absorption of toxins from the colon since one of the roles of the flora is to break down toxins for excretion. You can’t cure a Candida infestation without sufficient flora in the intestines. Beneficial bacteria in your colon will maintain the health of the colon because the good bacteria are able to keep dangerous bacteria from multiplying and also reduce the occurrence of constipation.

An occasional enema containing Nystatin is more likely to be beneficial to your treatment than coffee which would only prove in the long run to be detrimental to your cause.