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Hi Diane,

I’ve been a couple of days replying as I’ve been experimenting with the recipe. I tried using all coconut flour, as you did, and was not surprised when it didn’t work. Using coconut flour alone isn’t really enough, that’s why you should try another type of flour with it. Can you use Quinoa? Anyhow, I made the mixture with 100% coco.flour and first I had to use 50ml more liquid. Next morning I had to add almost double the oil to loosen it and when hubby tried to make the pancakes he said, “This is bl**dy useless”. So, I made cup cakes with the remaining mixture and although they tasted superb they fell apart a bit.

So, my only suggestion is that if you cannot tolerate the rice flour at this time and you cannot find another type of flour you can take then you’ll have to wait a while before you try the pancakes again. Someone else may have a suggestion for you though. I have used rice flour since day one of the diet without any ill effects although for the first couple of months I limited the use of it. I’m three months along now and seem to be fine.

I’m sorry you didn’t have any success with it as they have become our staple breakfast most of the week.

Incidentally, you must use an electric whisk for the milk and eggs and then continue to whisk in the dry ingredients. I tried using a hand whisk and it wasn’t as good.

Good luck