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◘ Plain flour: 3/4 cup
◘ Whole wheat pastry flour: 3/4 cup
◘ Coconut milk: 1.5 cups
◘ Egg: 1 large
◘ Sugar: 2 tbsps
◘ Baking powder: 2 tsps
◘ Salt: 1/4 tsp
◘ Grated coconut: 3 tbsps
◘ Oil: 1 tbsp + some more for greasing the pan

◘ Banana: 1
◘ Brown sugar: 2 tbsps
◘ Passion fruit: 2
◘ Mango juice: 1/2 cup
◘ Cornflour: 1 tsp, whisked in 1 tsp water

Yes, the recipe above is a disaster for people trying to heal from Candida!

I found a really simple, really clean, recipe for Candida sufferers. I cannot remember if I found it here on a forum, or if I found it somewhere else, but here’s the link! :

Iv’e been eating them all week, as you can just freeze them and pop em in the toaster whenever you need that “bready” kind of food. And, since it’s all coconut, and no flour (besides coconut flour) whatsoever, even people on the stage right after the detox cleanse can eat them.
LOVE IT! You will too.