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stronger wrote: Thanks for the reply Yes I know benc :D. But I´m just worried cause I´m like a cadaver lol so thin and I need calories and that diet I will lose maybe more weight and I need to do some exercies so I need energy. Is coconut oil good also for muscle weakness?

I can’t honestly say it is for me at the moment. My candida overgrowth didn’t come back as too far outside of the normal range when I was tested, but my allergy test said I was very inflamed. I reckon I have leaky gut (along with adrenal fatigue) as since I started eating in a candida diet fashion I’ve had the die off & plenty of fatigue, plus I am much more sensitive to foods that I usually tolerated (red meat, nuts & seeds)

I decided to stop exercising (& I work as a trainer) until the worst of it has settled, because if your body is inflamed from trying to fight this, all the exercise will do is increase inflammation & set you further back.

If you have leaky gut, your ability for growth &/or repair is going to be reduced, so don’t set your height on gaining much mass until your better, & even then I wouldn’t worry about. Work out what macro nutrients you work well on, high carbs prob shouldn’t be one of them.