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Kag;38905 wrote: I appreciate the input of all the people that post on here. I would like to hear different peoples “takes” on Candida. Able, I understand that you are trying to protect people on this forum, and you know how much I have appreciate all your help.

However, perhaps Julia has something to add to the conversation.

And I believe she did.

This is a forum, and forums are naturally used for debating one’s opinion with other members.

But I’m sorry, Kag, I don’t believe I told Julia that she shouldn’t contribute to the forum, that’s up to her just as it is for everyone; what I actually did was disagree with her advice. Anyone who comes to a forum and starts posting and expects to never be disagreed with is apparently uninformed about what is acceptable on a forum.

As far as I’m concerned, she can contribute all she wants to, but when I see something that could possibly cause someone to prolong their treatment, or worse, I will continue to give my own opinion learned from my own experience. It’s what I’ve always done here, and so far no one has told me to stop it. In fact, Raster, Jorge, and I all do this, so if anyone wants to stop that from happening in this thread or any other thread, I’m afraid you’ll have to speak to the administrator.