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I have heard that coconut ice cream is delicious, so I plan on buying an ice cream maker. I noticed the thrift store had many (many new in box), so plan on picking one up there. That way can make healthy ice cream I can eat guilt free, especially right now with fresh berries to add in the mix.

one of my favorite treats is making my own coconut almond joys/mounds.

take a cup of organic unsweetened coconut, add maybe tablespoon (until moist) of coconut milk or oil, stir, make balls and stick in freezer for a bit to harden. I also sometimes add unsweetened coconut with a stevia packet and/or almond to top. It’s yummy (assuming you love coconut like I do), and good for me. What other candy can you say that about.

One of the best things about the candida diet is that you no longer have to worry about calories, since everything is so healthy. You still lose weight eating as much as you like (of what you can eat)