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Kag;36908 wrote: Anybody think that this bread is dry. I have been making the big loaf with coconut flour and oat bran but it is still kind of dry. Is this just the bran and the coconut flour’s nature?

Hi, Kag. You can add more eggs as well as more olive oil to combat the dryness, or you can just use less of the coconut flour in the mix. You can also add some unsweetened coconut milk to the mixture if it’s too dry. In fact, you can make the mix either dryer or moister by increasing or cutting part the ingredients I’ve mentioned.

When we use the mix as a coconut ‘cake’ recipe by adding coconut flakes and Stevia, we always add coconut milk and a few more of the eggs so that it’s moister. Of course when we make the cake, we don’t use as much salt if any at all.