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I notice that my baking powder (the only kind I can get) has wheat starch in it. It’s listed as the last ingredient. Is this bad? Also, has anyone tried baking zucchini into the bread? I bet it would be tasty…though might require more flour. Will have to experiment a bit.

If I *did* bake some zucchini into the bread, would that be appropriate for the cleanse, even if the veggie isn’t steamed?


UPDATE: I made the bread with buckwheat flour instead of coconut. It’s a bit bland, despite all the cinnamon and the bit of stevia I added. Anyone have suggestions for spicing it up (either to make it sweeter or simply more flavorful)? I might try lemon juice next time, maybe some zucchini. How about spreads? I’m thinking about roasting some garlic and spreading it on top. Any other ideas?