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I am unsure of this, but I believe able900 has changed his recipe since first posting it on the forum. I believe it contained 1.5 cups of coconut flour (per 6 eggs) initially a year ago. Either way, my teff/coconut/buckwheat/almond meal bread has a good ratio of liquid to solids; its 3 cups of flour to 11 eggs and 1 cup of olive oil as ratio.

My bread comes out just like a loaf of wheat bread and looks like it too. The texture isn’t as moist and puffy as a regular loaf of bread but it can completely replace eating regular bread (you could use it as sandwich bread for instance).

The texture of the coconut bread is like that of pound cake except not as moist/soft and more hard/dense. I really can’t stand it personally and probably won’t ever eat it again because the coconut flour coats your mouth and is very dry. I really like my recipe a lot and it could be sold in bakeries around the world it is so good. I created it myself based off able’s recipe but it seems that he changed his recipe.

I will try to post a pic this weekend!