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I have intolerance to egg white. So her is my version.


1,8 dl coconut flour
1 ts aliminiums free baking soda
1 squeezed lemon to activate the baking soda.
6 ts flax seeds grinded in my cofee grinder
2 dl water
1,5 dl olive oil or any other oil thats allowed
4 egg yolks

What to do

-Grind the flax seeds. I grind them in my cofe grinder
-Cook the flax seeds with the 2 dl of water for 5 minuts.
-Mix the flax seeds together with the oil and lemon juice. Mix until you get it mixed well together.
-Mix the dry ingridiens in another bowl. The baking soda and coconut flour.
-And then mix them together until you get it firm.
-You can put them on a baking sheet or in a form. I use a baking sheet and just pat it until its about 1 or 2 cm tick.(Not wery inportant)
-Then stick it in the ovnen and insert the baking thermometer in the bottom of the bread. When it reaches 90 degres celsius it’s done.