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Griff wrote: I notice that my baking powder (the only kind I can get) has wheat starch in it. It’s listed as the last ingredient. Is this bad? Also, has anyone tried baking zucchini into the bread? I bet it would be tasty…though might require more flour. Will have to experiment a bit.
If I *did* bake some zucchini into the bread, would that be appropriate for the cleanse, even if the veggie isn’t steamed?
UPDATE: I made the bread with buckwheat flour instead of coconut. It’s a bit bland, despite all the cinnamon and the bit of stevia I added. Anyone have suggestions for spicing it up (either to make it sweeter or simply more flavorful)? I might try lemon juice next time, maybe some zucchini. How about spreads? I’m thinking about roasting some garlic and spreading it on top. Any other ideas?

The zucchini bread sounds like a really good idea and should be fine after the cleanse is completed.

Most of us used a baking soda containing small amounts of starch throughout the treatment with no reactions.

If you enjoy a lot of herbs, try slicing a few pieces of the coconut or buckwheat bread; brush some olive across the top and then sprinkle various herbs over it, then toast it in an oven or a toaster oven, delicious. Some herbs that I’ve used are; basil, oregano, garlic, rosemary, thyme, paprika, turmeric, and of course a little salt.

Another thing that adds a lot of taste and spice to the bread is to toast it and simply spread a layer of ACV mustard across it; that is of course if you like the taste of mustard.