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You are right Able but I´m like with abdominal bloating. I don´t get out a lot of gas I´m just bloated. I´m always with full stomach. But I never have infections, headches, acne, no food alergies , no stomach pain. Sometimes I have a compulsive eating and I eat a lot of cokkies, chips, chocolate and 4 cakes with a lot of chocolate and the only symptom that I have is stomach full. If I had candida when I was eating that food I should have bad symptoms right? But I don´t understand why I´m always full stomach? It´s seems that I´m pregnant. Maybe I just have a flora disorder right?
Ps. I forgot to tell you that I have a eating disorder for 3 years. I mean I sufered from bullying so I star eating a lot of sugar and foods and maybe that destroy my flora. Maybe I just have to stop having compulsive eating and feed my flora with good bacterias.