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Candi diet wrote: Able one more question: Is normal when you star eat meat and not eat sugar and carbohydrates is normal get less bloated? If I have a candida always I eat carbohydrates I should stay very bloated but I didn´t. Eating meat or carbohydrates is the same gas in my body.

It doesn’t matter what you eat when you have a Candida infestation, chances are you’re still going to have gas/bloating because the Candida overgrowth is what causes this.
If bloating is in the stomach, this is normally from a lack of stomach acid.
If it’s in the intestines then the likely cause is a lack of intestinal flora. In addition to probiotics, Swedish Bitters and zinc can help.

Maybe I don´t have candida.

What made you think you had Candida? And what are you symptoms?