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Candi diet wrote: I´m on day 9 of the strict diet I´m felling bloated and some contipation and hungry

I would start with one slice the first day, and pay attention to see if you have any type of reactions. If not, move up to two slices the next day. Continue to watch for a reaction each day and continue that amount for several more days. Depending on your weight and caloric needs, you should be able to have up to three or four slices a day within two weeks.

Have you started taking Swedish Bitters? These can often help with bloating and especially digesting your food. The Swedish Bitters should be dropped on the tongue following a full meal. You only need to use about a half dropper full instead of what is called for on the label. This is not a case of the more the better, but rather the quality of the bitters and the taste of them on the tongue is what will stimulate the natural enzymes in the body.