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In a couple of weeks you can start testing new foods and add in buckwheat or oat bran (not the same as oatmeal), but at first, yep, just veggies, maybe a few eggs here and there. I’m not gonna lie to kick it, the first 10-14 days suck pretty hard, but once you get through the initial detox and start adjusting and being able to add a couple of foods back in, then it’s not bad and the cravings get a lot smaller etc.

You just gotta think about things differently…there’s nothing wrong with veggies for breakfast! I eat soup for breakfast a lot, leftovers, that sort of thing. Also, you can use coconut oil instead of butter (just watch out at first because it is an antifungal and could cause die-off so go slow).

There are a lot of great folks here with everywhere from a little to years of experience and we are all here to help each other out and answer each others’ questions, so ask away!