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You can make fresh vegetable juice to get enzymes. Light steaming actually makes a lot of nutrients easier to assimilate for the body, though it may cut down on enzymes. I think a balance of both raw and steamed is optimal.

Peas are too starchy for the cleanse or first phase of the diet, so it’s not recommended to use them or their products. If you make juice, you can bake/dehydrate the vegetable pulp from the juicer into crackers. You can also make baked or dehydrated chips from kale or swiss chard, if you’re specifically looking for a crispy “snack”-like texture. Otherwise, just eat lots of vegetables :p Like Alex says, it just sucks for a while, and you lose weight, and then your body figures it out and weight loss slows down, and you feel less hungry. Since a lot of us are cutting out quite a bit of sodium when we start the cleanse/diet, it seems like a lot of initial weight is water. It’s mentioned on the link Able provided to the forum’s cleanse protocol, but feel free to go sort of wild with extra virgin olive oil. It’ll help boost your calories, and you need fat in order to get rid of fat-soluble toxins during a detox period. You can also eat avocados. I was eating one or more a day for most of my cleanse phase, and I think it helped me both physically and psychologically, since it’s just about the only “rich” thing allowed.

I hope some of that helps, good luck!