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Hello Monte,

To answer your question “I’m definitely concerned I’ve damaged my liver now and am wondering what signs I should be looking out for.”

The liver is the main organ that affects how you feel (good/bad/in between). So if you feel like junk its the liver. Other symptoms include irritability, snapping at people, and more.

I have a post about it:

I think a lot of your symptoms are related to it and its definitely something that you and most forum members should address. If you don’t get the toxins out of the body, they will stress your liver and kidneys and can even effect your brain.

I have another post to share as well:

Fatty acids are very important for your general health so be sure to be supplementing yourself with them.

In regards to the foods you listed and what you are eating; I personally think its not cutting it. I would try to eat more food during the day…whatever it takes. I would eat until you are full like thanksgiving after each meal. I would snack as much as possible.

Check out this blood sugar protocol and this should help with your blood sugar problems:

We can give you suggestions to what to eat but you really need to give your body the resources it needs to heal.