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Monte;41329 wrote: Thanks for the info! Sorry so long to reply, but my gosh, I am so busy these days…

Raster, I wish I could feel “full”. I am hypoglycemic and have hyperinsulinemia and apparently insulin resistance causes what they call “constant hunger”. In other words, I never, ever feel full. Never. I have to be very careful what I eat and how much because I can easily get out of control (I’ve gained 15lbs in 10 days before of legitimate weight, not water weight!). It pretty much sucks, but at least I’m cognizant of it and can be mindful about it.

Part of my problem is fighting the fatigue. Sometimes I use food for the energy boost I need, but I”m thinking now after all my research most of my fatigue is Candida related, even though it’s been diagnosed as Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I’m curious if anyone else on here has dealt with or deals with the constant hunger issue? On the initial week or two of the strict diet when I was eating just veggies, oils/fats, hemp seeds and chia seeds I didn’t feel as much of the hunger, but now that I’ve introduced a few carbs (coconut flour, gluten free oat bran and today Buckwheat), I’m feeling non-stop hunger again. I would eat 2-3 dozen eggs and several loaves of coconut/oat bran bread if I didn’t control myself!

I have noticed this week my brain fog hasn’t been as bad, and boy and I am machine getting things done when I can focus! I missed this!!

Hi Monte,

I think the constant hunger goes along with this condition, as least in my opinion. I have read many other people claim the same. For me it doesn’t feel the same as the hunger pains I used to get when I was healthy. That normal emptying of the stomach sensation. It’s different and just feels like the desire to eat more. I think Able explained this sensation in a clear way in the past.

I would be careful with the rock climbing though. Most people doing the diet suffer pretty extreme weakness and lack of energy. If you already feel you have a problem with fatigue, it could be even worse for you. You certainly wouldn’t want to become weak when you need it most while rock climbing.