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NOTE: If you do manual work or work long hours, or for any other reason find that it’s extremely draining on your energy and body to remain on the cleanse, it’s acceeptable to go off of the cleanse and just start the Candida diet.

Thank you! I will try to stay on it as long as I can. I messed up last night and this morning…but can I just continue on it if I can. I figure a few days is better than nothing.
If I go to the stage 1 diet will there still be health benefits for my candida problem? If I do go to stage 1 do I start antifungals first on it? and if so which one do you recommend? Or do I start the probiotic first?

Also…if I go to stage 1 is there any benefit to continue the clay and the soluble fiber?
Thank you so much for your help!!!!!!