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Hey MadEmx,

As I mentioned, I have been avoiding broccoli and cauliflower for fear of uncomfortable digestion. Today I tried to eat steamed broccoli with sauteed onions, garlic, and okra. Knowing my past experiences of ongoing bloating and gas I prepared by also consuming the following:

1. Apple cider vinegar in water (30 minutes before)
2. Swedish bitters (15 minutes before)
3. Purple cabbage sauerkraut (homemade)
4. Kimchi (homemade)
5. Betaine HCI (immediately after)

I did not have any signs of digestive issues AT ALL. I’m not sure which of the above foods helped. I also ate roasted rutabaga and an egg after the broccoli dish. Lastly, I did not stuff myself full of food as I usually do. I chewed slowly and thoroughly. I hope you can take something useful from this post and feel some relief! How is your diet going??