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As is my understanding, cauliflower and broccoli are part of the brassica family along with rutabaga and other antifungals. I find zucchini to be soothing on the stomach. I had some bad luck with kefir the last time I tried it; I also suffer from LOTS of food allergies. It seems I had a new one each day but am getting better as I take supplements and maintain a healthy diet.

The way I see it, our ancestors didn’t have the luxuries we have not: processed foods, variety, etc. And possibly we are not meant to intake so many different foods. Consider where your ancestors came from. Try eating foods from that region. Now imagine eating ONLY what they ate 100 years ago. The food would be fresher, seasonal, and probably more densely packed with nutrients. Of course, you would probably only eat 6-15 different foods each week based on the abundance and season. I am Jamaican on my mother’s side and descend from about 6 different regions in Europe on my father’s side (my grandmother is a genealogist). So I really have no way of understanding what my dietary background might have been. All I know is, in recent decades the introduction of modern medicines, a modern lifestyle, processed foods, and sugar skewed the reality of dietary needs.

If I had it my way everyone would live on a farm, grow their own food, and live locally. Without trying to sound like a hypocrite, I’ve been to Toronto; lovely place!