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Hello, Blue.

When you start the regular diet and an antifungal, you may want to make the coconut oil your first antifungal. This is one good way to obtain some extra calories during the treatment as just one tablespoon contains 120 calories. Of course, the coconut bread will help as well.

The major reason that we do not recommend taking the vitamins during the detox period is more about the lack of solid food and the amounts than anything else. Most vitamins need food in order to break down and be absorbed into the body. Taking some vitamins without enough food can be a waste. But you can start the vitamin C anytime as it is completely water soluble.

Since an overdose of iron is dangerous to the liver, I don’t like telling anyone to take a supplement since the dosage as well as whether or not it’s taken depends on the degree of deficiency, and as you know, I have no way of knowing for certain whether or not you’re deficient in iron. So this I will leave up to you.