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Javizy wrote: Thomas, you really need to take stress as seriously as you do food in dealing with this problem. Getting stressed is as good for your candida as eating Nutella throughout the day. What’s going on in your digestive system can influence your brain chemistry, and may even be the root cause of your nervous tension, but it’s also possible to make a significant difference through a psychological approach. Failing to deal with the problem won’t just feed the candida, but will continue to destabilise your immune system, among countless other things. I hope you can find a way to destress.

Hi Javizy,
I hear you and you are right. The trouble with me is that I am not stressed in a way normal people are with jobs etc. I am not even stressed as a person. I am a quite calm guy and dont drink, smoke or take coffee. There is nothing which stresses me. But the die-off, and the state my body is in – with nightly tremors waking me up from deep sleep, heart palpations, insomnia got the best of me so much so that I suffered a panic attack and broke down like a little girl in hysterical crying. Very strange for me as I can count on two hands the times I cried in 49 years. That one last week was a total surrender. Good that the crying had a de-stressing effect at least. 🙂

What I want to say is that you are right we have to learn to de-stress but sometimes it is very hard to do when your own body which should be your best friend looks like Satan himself.

all the best – and have a speedy healing my friend