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Quote: I still don’t have a clear idea of exactly how candida operates. I’ve read the Wiki and a candida book, but they didn’t give me the kind of understanding I prefer to have.

Reply: Reading all the research papers you can get your hands on is the best way to learn the true facts about Candida albicans. You don’t have a specific question here, so I really don’t know what type of understanding you’re looking for; I’d be willing to try and answer specific questions for you if you’d like to try.

Quote: Do you have any books or resources that you would recommend?

Reply: I don’t really read the books on Candida/yeast any longer, I’ve found that these are normally full of opinions, and I have enough of those to write a book myself. So what I stick with are medical and research journals and published research papers. I base the advice I offer on 15 years of reading these world-wide university studies and medical journals, as well as taking quite a few classes while in the Navy and when I returned to civilian life. My subject of concern is the connection between bacterium, enzymes, mold, yeast, microscopic organisms, pathogens, environmental toxins, fungi, and herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other natural elements – including the simplest of these such as water.

The best suggestion I can give you is to start subscribing to as many medical/research journals as you can find. But you’ll have to read them and not do what medical doctors do, which is building a two-foot tall stack of unread journals on their desks.

A few examples of helpful journals and research papers are;

Annual Review of Microbiology, Canadian Medical Association Journal, Department of Medical Sciences
Southern Illinois University publications
Bioresource Technology (Formerly known as Biological Wastes)
The Lancet
Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology
University Department of Agriculture, Oxford
Division of Food Science and Biotechnology, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University
Current Opinion in Biotechnology

Journal of Pure & Applied Microbiology
Oxford Journals
Research papers written by Thomas G. Mitchell, PhD, Duke University
American Society for Microbiology

If you need more, just ask.