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I agree about the nature of the information in candida books. I bought one called Recaging the Beast, which was hard to take seriously at times. You know, I haven’t read everything on this site yet, so maybe that’s a good starting point.

I’ve had digestive issues for close to a decade, and musculoskeletal pain for even longer. I’d learned to accept bloating, abdominal pain, acid reflex at night etc as part of everyday life, but now I realise it’s foolish to assume my two problems are unrelated (although my doctor practically sneered at me when I made such a suggestion). I’m not sure if I have candida, but from what I’ve learned, it seems like the diet recommendations on the site would be a great way to solve a whole range of digestive issues.

I think I’ll try your citric acid suggestion, since I’ve read that a lack of stomach acid is common among people with acid reflux, and I’m not too keen on trying hydrochloric acid supplements. I’ll add lemons to my shopping list for tomorrow 🙂