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Javizy wrote: I don’t think we can be too harsh on doctors though. They’re just doing their jobs the way they’ve been trained to do, the way they’re pressured to do by various organisations, and the way they’re pretty much forced to do in their situation. If they give you unorthodox recommendations instead of prescribing drugs, and you end up worse off, it’s all on them and their malpractice premiums.

I’m writing from America, where no one is forced to do anything, we aren’t even forced to obey the law if we choose not to, that doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences, but it’s still a choice, obey the law or go to jail, our choice. So are these their choices or someone else’s?

Life is about personal choices, and every choice that each of us make is personal in that we’re the only one responsible for the consequences that follow each choice.