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I don’t think we can be too harsh on doctors though. They’re just doing their jobs the way they’ve been trained to do, the way they’re pressured to do by various organisations, and the way they’re pretty much forced to do in their situation. If they give you unorthodox recommendations instead of prescribing drugs, and you end up worse off, it’s all on them and their malpractice premiums.

Really, doctors are as much at the whim of pharmaceutical companies as we are. They’re not invincible themselves. They suffer from backache, diabetes and increased incidences of cancer as well. The problem goes much higher up. The way giant pharmaceutical corporations have managed to use their massive financial influence to sculpt the current pill-pushing medical paradigm, and are able to control medical and research institutions, and even the government, so that things remain as they are is what keeps us in this sorry state of sickness. Still, no doctor and his backache is going to get any sympathy from me.