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carla mc
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began the cleanse in the hopes that it would help my upper belly/gastric ulcer symptoms..(and many more-that’s just the one that stepped it up.)the cleanse i bought was the same one that worked a few years ago-but didn’t take it very seriously then back then! since i’ve always had yeast infection flare ups with easy resolution (diflucan, probiotics) i didn’t think i had to find the resolve to eat differently though…and the yeast kept coming back, lately in my mouth, tongue/throat. (getting a gastroscopy soon to check and make sure it’s nothing more sinister.) the first week of the cleanse was almost easy-the cravings weren’t so bad.but…this week(just before menstruating) there’s been painful gas,more constipation and bloating in addition to yummy mouth film and the dreaded genital itchies.aargh! glad to find lots of online support…but feeling a little overwhelmed by the financial burden of investing in a whole new way of eating. it’s hard not to get obsessive about food-because it almost seems like i need to…?