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Vegan Catlady
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jameskep;55363 wrote: I wouldn’t do cinnamon oil of any kind internally. I could see it doing more harm than good. I think it would not only wipe out the good with the bad but also cause more gut irritation/inflammation than for what its worth. Its pure speculation when the lab results don’t show the effects that it can have on good flora as well. Not to mention the potential Gut irritation and inflammation that it could cause. People that have any kind of a sensitive gut will have trouble using the oil.

Personally, I think essential oils of all kinds have the potential to be mis-used by people who equate plants/foods with being safe.

In my henna biz, other artists are using oils on people to get good color, when they are seriously going to hurt someone!

My only question here, is that if someone is having a good reaction to cinnamon (in any form), how is it different than other antifungals like oregano oil?

I heard both good and very bad things about oregano oil as well.

If we are regularly re-inoculating ourselves with good bacteria, shouldnt this off-set the use of cinnamon?
Or is the use of cinnamon residual and/or builds-up?
Im asking because I use alot of it…and thought maybe you had access to info that i do not.