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jameskep;55232 wrote: I’m sure Cinnamon oil would kill as much good bacteria as it would candida. Its a very harsh oil and would not recommend it internally. Cinnamon oil can cause extreme gut irritation/inflammation(internally). I have done a drop(diluted) in the past and I would never do it again. With a topical infection it would cause too much burning and inflammation. It might be worth a try for a oral rinse.

Do you have the study/article? Curious with how they did the study and the results with lavender?

I do cinnamon oil in the form of a breath-spray almost every day.
I am sure it is very diluted,
I couldnt imagine what it would be like to ingest cinnamon oil without proper dilution.

I believe it is responsible for eliminating my esophageal candida, which needs aggressive treatment .