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truelyhealthy2012 wrote:

I tried all but the only thing that cured me was the Itraconazole and Lamisil combination.
I did chose them after researching the systemic drugs because Itraconazole is what have deeper tissue penetration of the common azoles. It acts against the ergoesterol synthesis pathway of the fungal cell (fungistatic) Combined with Lamisil, both drugs reach an synergistic effect since Lamisil attacks another part of the cell membrane making it very difficult for the fungus to survive a double attack.

Since the prostate tissues are hard to reach with any drug, I decided to use Itraconazole adding Lamisil to give it more power.

Most of the Canadian online pharmacies have antifungal drugs without script.

Jorge, So would you say you are completely cured of your Candida problems? Or very close to all Cured? I wasn’t sure based on your posts.


We are talking about Prostatitis and candida in the UT. Yes, I was cured of it in 2008.
The problem is the intestines after the antibiotics I took.