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orka1998 wrote: Sorry Thomas! I remembered reading the thread I placed in my response, but didn’t look if you are on it. Hahahaha, I was just mouse happy for a moment and did a quick copy/paste. Oh well, then pretend I didn’t say anything 🙂

Nothing to be sorry because the Thread got lost on me and I didnt see the last posts. 😉 I googled a bit on the net and yes it looks like that there can be a connection. The trouble is to find doctors going that way. Mine is waving it away with the left hand and eyebrows raised. I too have problems with the holistic field here in Sweden. You have to pay for them and when I talked to them it looks like they never say that you dont have Candida but everything is candida related. That doesnt help much either to find some trust in the doctor and the treatment.