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Chris24 wrote: Had a mental setback causing relapse and left the forum, only occaisionally answering pm’s. I am trying to eat healthy, but clearly it isnt enough. I pushed it a little too far with the enema’s last week and had some discomfort and soreness throughout the day: I did enema’s with 10 drops in each round for 3 rounds per enema, 2 days in a row. So that was a little too much, now I know. also I shouldt drink coffee. But i tried quitting like 10 times and now im like: forget it.

The enema’s now cause massive die off followed by a day or 2 of clearity and energy, until my diet or my mind f*cks it up again and I feel crap again.

So, although the enema’s are causing die off meaning they are killing candida, it still doesnt seem to be enough in my case. I will keep doing the enema’s though and hope for the best.

Chris, can’t you tell us a bit more about this mental setback which caused you to relapse. What kind of mental setback and what did it have to do with your relapse, and how was your relapse like?

I’ve been following the enema discussion closely and I think it makes a lot of sense but what I can’t wrap me head around is why it isn’t curing you … I mean, many claims that the candida “comes out in heaps”, and I’m thinking, how much can be in there? Our body is not endless like the universe. And once out, shouldn’t you feel sooo much better?

Did you have a total relapse? Are you still eating according to the protocol while doing the enemas? Sorry for all the questions, but I would really like to know. If you have the strenght and will to answer I would be very grateful. Thank you.